10 Min Abs Workout At Home

10 Min Abs Workout — At Home Abdominal and Oblique Exercises

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    1. I probably wouldn’t have been able to in the past but now I’m used to doing
      some of the exercises. Eventually you’ll be able to do the whole thing, you
      just have to work your way up. You’ll definitely see progress overtime.

  1. honestly guys the plank is the best I did it for 2 minutes and got a six
    pac the next day. Then i lost the six pac to a bag of doritos

  2. Oh wow! Tomorrow morning my muscles will be hurting like hell! But the more
    fitness I do, my body will get used to it. I want to keep myself healthy.

    1. i dont know why but my muscles never hurt after this, though im not very
      trained at all and its killing me everytime. maybe its too short?

  3. I did this after a fitness blender cardio that was 24 min and with this 10
    min ab workout ,boy, did everything hurt and make me sweat, but it is well
    worth it. I have been doing fitness blender since the first week of January
    , but I have been doing other things like long distance running and weight
    lifting before this, but me being busy makes it hard finding time and going
    to a gym 🙂 I always do these fitness blender workout before work. I am a
    mom a full time college student and work full time. Ladies we can do it.
    Lets get this summer body!! Thanks fitness blender doing this at home makes
    it working out more fun and better, my little boy also does these with me
    at times!!

    1. my legs and butt are really toned, my stomach is still flabby but im
      working on it. I seemed to gain weight though. I do eat healthy and limit
      my self. Maybe muscle weight?

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    1. +Hector Delrosario depends on how your body is. Keep doing it until you get
      abs or if you see nothing changing try a different workout.

  5. i died doing all these omg. my neck feels like it broke, i cant feel my
    legs and i think i dislocated my hips. my soul is now with jesus.

    1. I know you have asked this 4 months ago but maybe I can still help. Abs can
      take quite a beating when it comes to stress, so you can do it as often as
      every 24 hours. I would do it 5 times a week with 2 rest days, but is
      really up to you 🙂

    2. Yes! Still working on the diet part, but the exercise alone has been giving
      me great results so far. I’ve known it by heart for awhile now, but still
      watch it each time so i don’t have to set a timer.

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