BET Awards Recap

Wendy recipes about the Prince tribute and Jesse Williams' motivating acceptance speech at the BET Honors.

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  1. SHAME ON YOU WENDY for demeaning and reducing Jesse’s speech to sexuality
    and objectification by saying “all you can hear is panties dropping!”. You
    are no better than the cops killing black people and the others who only
    see the black man as a sexual perversion. He spoke very eloquently on a
    subject you should care very much about considering you have a BLACK SON!
    but no all you heard was panties dropping. You’ve successfully turned me
    OFF of you for life!. SHAME ON YOU!

    1. Wendy is typical new money. Too excited by it all to risk anything. And she
      wants to cater to the lowest common denomenator. Ignore her.

    2. I understand your disappointment. But Wendy and most tv shows are plugged
      into the “matrix”. She can’t bite the hand that feeds her. Everything Jesse
      said was pretty accurate. Some people can’t handle it.

    3. She know’s where her bread is buttered. She wouldn’t dare!!! She wants to
      act like she’s so “real”, but she’s as big a “coon” as they come.

    4. I sexually objectified him, lol. but I also understood and agreed with his
      amazing speech. I agree with you, she belittled his powerful speech by
      saying that.

    1. +Ask8613 What else is there to say when something like that happens. She
      gave them her regards which would only take about 30 seconds. If she was
      going to bring it up she had to make the story a little longer. You’re just
      a hater. Why watch if you don’t like Wendy. It’s literally called the Wendy
      Williams Show. She can talk about whatever she wants.

    2. +UniverseJuice1
      yes she sincerely turned someone else’s pain story into a moment to go on
      more about herself….about something we get reminded of every couple of

  2. Taylor and Tom are old news. I thought she would have talked about the
    backlash Justin Timberlake is getting or the half empty stadiums during
    Rihanna UK ANTI Tour.

    1. +Renee Moore No, her team were just stupid to book stadiums. They should
      have played it safe and booked arenas or smaller stadiums.

    2. +orlock20 She performs in the middle of the stadium for two songs and then
      goes on the moving platform for one song while she is brought back to the
      main stage, she only covers her fact for one or two songs. But yeah, I
      agree, the ANTI Tour isn’t that impressive. I watched a fans recording of
      the full concert during this tour and I was bored, she doesn’t put much
      energy into her shows, she doesn’t really acknowledge the crowd, she
      doesn’t put on a big show and she sings over a backing track most of the
      time. She hasn’t really done a good tour since the Loud Tour imo. Beyonce
      will definitely put on a better show and actually put the effort in. I just
      know Wendy will compare the two soon, she will show pictures of Rihanna’s
      half empty crowd at Wembley Stadium from the weekend and Beyonces two sold
      out shows at the same stadium.

    3. +137rtekke
      I saw clips of the Rihanna concert and it was her, alone, on a platform in
      the middle of the arena (sometimes a suspended in the air transparent
      platform) while recorded music played. She was wearing an oversized white
      hoodie so nobody could see her face. The sound was terrible.

      I imagine Beyonce would put more effort into her concert.

    4. +orlock20 We all know it’s going to be on hot topics soon. Tonight Beyonce
      starts the UK leg of her Formation Tour and she’s performing in three of
      the stadiums Rihanna has performed in, Wendy will most likely do a
      comparison of the two very soon.

    1. I’ve been saying this for ever! Right after they took the first two week
      hiatus, they looked smaller. I don’t think she’s said anything about it.

    1. J Lo’s relationships lasts for years tho. Taylor’s longest relationship was
      15 MONTHS……… That girl seriously has a problem

  3. taylor swift is very unatractive, like really bland and skinny, the only
    reason why a guy would date her is to be more famous…

  4. So are we just going to ignore the typical american ignorance that was
    displayed in the form of incorrectly bashing the UK exiting the EU, by
    Samuel L jackson et al.

    1. +Jay l What a fool, to add people were tricked into thinking that money
      would go to the NHS but it won’t. So I will give him half a point for

    1. Agreed. Also Calvin has every right to be mad because Taylor left him to be
      with Tom. Calvin confirmed this recently through instagram as an answer to

  5. Wendy, you TRIIIIIIIIIED IT!! YOu didnt know Tom Hiddleston before T Swift
    started dating him!??? He’s in the Marvel movies, which were pretty big.

    1. +Final Fantasy Find it kind of funny that Ive seen your account all over
      Youtube trying to get a trigger reaction out of people and argue in comment
      sections. lmao Kind of sad… and very child-like. But hey, do what makes
      you happy. 🙂

    1. She had to talk about something that was of interest to her white audience.
      I mean do black folks really give a damn about Taylor Swift and her many
      lovers, I know I dont.

  6. I disagree about traci and anthony being permanent hosts. It was people all
    over social media saying how corny they were and not funny at all and I
    would have to agree. It was times I would turn down the volume so I didnt
    have hear another corny joke from them.

    1. +Anna Laurent don’t you remember .. No matter what she wore, her breast
      always looked hug ! As a woman, I notice stuff like that ????????haha

    2. WHAT! Omg, maybe it’s the dress. I’ll wait until the next episode if she
      wear a low cut shirt to see. If she really got them smaller, thank jesus.

  7. IT IS GREAT TO HAVE GIRLFRIENDS LIKE THAT! I just attended to the wedding
    of one of my girlfriends that I met in 1st grade. We are now in our late
    thirties. Girlfriends like that sustain you for many lifetimes. I met all
    of my GF in grade school. One I met when we were 5 years old, the one that
    just married I met in the 1st grade, one I met in the 6th grade, one in the
    8th (who is also my half sibling) and the last one I met in the 10th grade.
    Love them all!

  8. Has anyone on your staffers told there is an internet thing about Taylor’s
    new man. There are a few men who are considered to be well hung in
    Hollywood like John Hamm, Michael Fassbender and Tom Fiddlestien. And that
    is just some of the white boys.

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