Different… But Important

Different… But Important!

Hey This video clip isn’t beauty relevant, however it’s something that’s truly near my heart and also something that I really feel have to be shared with you all! I hope you delight in – I never ever ask this however please share this on Facebook if you liked it, this message has to get to as lots of people as feasible! do not forget to leave a comment below

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  1. I get your point and I can see you are sincere, but it must be easy loving
    yourself when you look like that..

    1. +Natalie Roque +aspen mansfield sorry that lauren’s advice didn’t work for
      you and you feel the need to insult her beautiful natural face to feel
      better about your own? you’re disgusting people.

    1. thank you so much Lauren. I teared up at the end because I honestly feel
      like you care and you feel impassioned about making everyone comfortable
      and happy which is such an amazing quality. It is so important how you
      mentioned that one should do exactly what makes them confident and happy
      (lots of makeup, or no makeup at all) because as long as you feel good,
      that is all that matters. It is just nice to hear someone as conventionally
      beautiful as you are telling a story like yours whose transformation was
      not for anyone else–it was for yourself. It was just all in all a great
      message and super sweet!

  2. I kept this video in my favorites just to watch it whenever I need some
    reassurance and it always makes me feel a million times better! I tend to
    beat myself up on the smallest mistakes and feel embarrassed over silly
    things but I must remember that’s a part of life. You only grow by learning
    from your mistakes and sometimes all you can do is laugh, learn and move on
    because you can’t change the past. Thank you so much Lauren! 

  3. I just lost it and started crying in this and I don’t know why, you are
    such an inspiring and beautiful woman and I LOVE YOU LOZ TO THE MOON AND
    BACK ????????

  4. Only just watched this now but it’s what needed to hear this, at this time
    in my life right now ! <3
    Positive words and empowerment doesn't come with an expiry date!
    This is why i love your channel! So humble and real.
    Thanks Loz xxxx

  5. you are so amazing! i love how you dont just do makeup but take your time
    and actually embrace your followers . this makes me love you even more

  6. I thought that you’ll be another stiff person but now I see/hear someone
    who is “normal” and has a lot of warm feelings ????

  7. Thank you Lauren, I just stumbled across this despite being a long time
    subscriber. I had an extremely difficult weekend starting off with a
    suicide attempt on Friday night. I have a lot of self hate, self loathing
    despite being 24 years old with my whole life ahead of me with my beautiful
    family, marriage and young daughter. But from a very young age I hated
    everything about myself and still do despite losing 45kgs and making my
    outward appearance the best it could look. This video really touched me and
    resonated within me and I hope one day I can have even a fraction of your
    self confidence, self worth and able to embrace my flaws. Thank you for
    being such an amazing role model for not only myself but especially young
    girls. I wish I could of seen this video when I was much younger. But I’m
    glad I’ve seen it now and know that I will refer back to it in my long
    journey back to health and happiness.Big loves and many thanks <3

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