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24 March, 2019

‘Dishonest or just STUPID?’ Debra Messing’s latest case against

‘Dishonest or just STUPID?’ Debra Messing’s latest case against Brett Kavanaugh is a HOT MESS

Debra Messing’s got a real knack for spreading B.S. Lately, it’s been about Brett Kavanaugh.

After pushing an extremely misleading CNN piece on Kavanaugh earlier this week, Messing sent this tweet out yesterday:

Judge Kavanaugh has ruled in past cases to restrict women’s access to safe, legal abortion. He has argued that a boss’s religious beliefs override people’s access to health care. He DOESN’T belong on our Supreme Court. #SaveRoe #BlockBrett

— Debra Messing (@DebraMessing) August 8, 2018

Safe abortion?

No. https://t.co/T5Mrtvf1Hi

— Alyssa E. Hackbarth (@AlyssaEinDC) August 8, 2018

Also, what’s this crap about a boss’ religious beliefs overriding people’s access to health care?

Here’s a quick fact for you to ponder:

Your employer is not responsible for your healthcare.

— J. McIntire (@JoshMcIntire72) August 8, 2018

Damn straight.

Are you dishonest or just stupid?

— Lake Bum (@dustopian) August 8, 2018

We’re gonna go with all of the above.


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