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The Most Brutal Sport on Earth Calcio Storico

Most Violent Sport on Earth.In Pictures

The Calcio Storico historic football is Most Violent Sport on Earth is an ancient form of football from the 16th century, which originated from the ancient roman harpastum, and is played in teams of 27, using both feet and hands. Sucker-punches and kicks to the head are prohibited but headbutting, punching, elbowing, and choking are all allowed

Is this one of the Most Violent Sport on Earth activity worldwide?

27-a-side football suit where gamers can punch, kick and also battle their method to success

Calcio Storico -is the  top ten violent sports ‘historical football’ – tournament occurs every June in historical square in Italian city of Florence

Groups of 27 are allowed to utilize ‘any type of methods needed’ to get ball to opponents’ end of the area in order to score

Players punch, kick as well as battle one another, putting on no gloves or cushioning, with matches lasting 50 mins

Show the sporting activity in 1573, King Henry III of France stated it was ‘as well tiny to be a war and also too cruel to be a game’

Covered in tattoos, removed to the waist, and also putting on bit more than tape on their knuckles as they punch and also kick each other in the dirt – you might be forgiven for thinking these guys are crazed convicts taking part in some ruthless, prison-yard sporting activity. Actually they are all athletes taking part in the yearly Calcio Storico – or ‘historical football’ – match in the Italian city of Florence, a sport so harsh that, upon seeing it played in 1574, King Henry III of France declared it was ‘too tiny to be a war and too harsh to be a game’. Divide right into two groups of 27, players are enabled to utilize any type of methods needed so as to get the ball down the challengers’ end of the area, before throwing in right into a slim web spanning the width of the pitch in order to score.

Most Violent Sport on Earth

Ruthless: Players are enabled to make use of any type of ways to obtain the round from one end of the field to the other, consisting of punching, kicking as well as wrestling – all done without gloves or safety helmets

Most Violent Sport on Earth

Unrelenting: Matches are played on a dust pitch for 50 minutes straight with no blockages, even if players need to be stretchered off the field by paramedics waiting in the wings

The gamers will certainly train throughout the year in order to be fit for the match, which lasts for 50 minutes with no breaks, even if gamers need to be stretchered off the field by medics. The groups contain 4 goalkeepers as well as 3 fullbacks, whose job it is to quit assaulting players from racking up, five halfbacks who play to the front of the area, and also 15 forwards that stand toe-to-toe along the centre line. From the very first whistle the forwards start fighting – punching, kicking, tripping, as well as duke it outing each other in a ruthless screen designed to punch an opening in the resistance protections, yet which usually descends right into a full-scale brawl. This is a the Most Violent Sport on Earth

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