The Skin Doctor: LEMON TRICK

The Skin Doctor: LEMON TRICK by Kandee Johnson

how to eliminate acne, freckles, age areas, and also a lot more review this:

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  1. i tried this, but the sugar did not feel very pleasant against my skin. it
    was kinda scratching / hurting my face. is it supposed to be some special
    fine sugar? thank you

    1. Hello, you can soak the sugar in the lemon juice to disolve first before
      applying on
      your face to avoid scratching or hurting.
      This is another way, you can use honey or organic honey with the lemon, i
      think that
      sound good and smooth on face.

  2. I daily squeeze half a lemon to a glass of water first thing in the morning
    for weight lost and to improve my digestive system, then cut the lemon skin
    in half and top it up with a little sugar and give my face a scrub. I
    collect the lemon skin daily and once a week I boil it with a little
    rosemary and cinnamon as a room freshener. It’s a win win with just half a
    lemon ????

  3. Please dont try lemon juice on darker skin! I can lighten certain parts and
    really not be great please research this before trying!

  4. im gonna be completely honest here, so whenever i try these tricks online
    they never work. so I’ve had a raised freckle on my face for a long time,
    maybe 11 years ? and I would either hate it or not even notice it. it was
    on my upper lip and ut used to be dark and in 4th grade i scratched one
    layer of it off which made it lighter. now I’m in my freshman year of high
    school and its growing on me again and i wanted it gone. so i looked it up
    on youtube how to get rid of it and decided i would try this method. for
    anyone planning on using this on raised freckles, you have to scrub hard
    with the rind of a lemon (still with the stuff inside of it) and stub that
    on the freckle with the sugar there too. when i woke up in the morning the
    freckle was darker, but thats a good sign. that means theres scabs there
    and its going to heal away. so after doing this for a few weeks, the
    freckle was a complete scab and you don’t want to scrape it off okay? just
    leave it be and you can cover it up with makeup to make it look lighter but
    when its done healing it will be gone or near completely faded. this has
    solved a problem I’ve been dealing with for what it seems like forever now
    and I’ve been getting a lot more attention and compliments.

  5. A fun read with an engaging plot and lots of action. I read it in one
    sitting and hope the author writes more stories featuring Allyson. *here *
    *** :)*

  6. Very helpful book I didn’t realize the medical benefits. I have always put
    garlic in meats thanks for the recipes *Here> ****

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