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23 February, 2019

Top 13 Things That You Wont Believe Are Legal!!

This stuff is so mental, even after reading it you still wont believe it. But just go and ask one of the tank/flamethrower-owning, missile-firing, incestuous, salvia-smoking-cannibals that can be found all over the United States of America and youll see that this is all actually true.

Top 13 Things That You Wont Believe Are Legal

1. Tanks


Its completely legal for anyone to own a tank, in every single state. How the hell has the US not turned into a big, scary, real version of Sid Meiers Civilization?

2. Corporal Punishment


19 states in the US let frustrated teachers beat up their children. Progressive.

Top 13 Things That You Wont Believe Are Legal

3. Incest


19 states allow you to marry your first cousin. Ergh.

4. Sending penis pictures to strangers


In Georgia they defend to the death their right to send pictures of their members to absolute strangers.

5. Firing missiles


If you get permission from the Department of Commerce, South Carolina will happily let you fire a GOD DAMN MISSILE.

6. Bestiality


11 states in America are all up for you having sexual relations with animals. In Kentucky its even encouragedTop 13 Things That You Wont Believe Are Legal

7. High-grade psychedelics


Salvia is completely legal in every US state, despite its propensity to walk users through a doorway unto insanity.

8. Flamethrowers


Because, you know, why wouldnt you want every single American to be able to own a flamethrower if they wanted to.

9. Text-driving


Legal in West Virginia, where roadkill is presumably at an all-time high.

10. Drink-driving


Nothing in Mississippis law book stops people in the state from being absolutely hammered while driving.

11. Firing gay people


Despite this being 2015 and all there are still 29 states that allow companies to fire an employee for being gay.

12. Getting children drunk


Welcome to Massachusetts, where parents are not liable for giving their kids alcohol, meaning they can force super-strength beer down their younglings throats as much as they like.

13. Cannibalism


There is technically no law in the United States that prohibits cannibalism. So as long as you didnt murder the person youre eating, thats completely okay. Honestly, America, WTF?

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