TOP 5 Freakiest Bodybuilders

Those 5 bodybuilders are one of the most weird of all ever before in the bodybuilding background. That is one of the most weird?


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Ryan Gordon



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  1. When you can’t put your hands in your pockets any more you know you’ve gone
    too far. The last guy is more disabled than he is any kind of athlete, he
    can barely use his arms.

    1. Any martial arts guy gives them a lowkick and they’re down. They move as if
      they were 500 pounds. Muscles, blocking movements. That’s horrible.

    1. People with body dismorphia issues. Training to get muscular is one thing,
      training and taking enough steroids to get this size suggests mental health

    1. +Laura Murari – Lol really? The dosage will only increase. It is a vicious
      circle .. they want bigger muscles and so bigger dosage. Until their
      muscles either explode or they die.

    2. +Laura Murari – Yeah, most body builders who do steroids, die at early age
      because of steroids in their system. They immune system goes for a ride
      even with small infections.

    1. very much alive from what I know, and only one might have trouble walking
      due to a heart attack……not sure if it was actually roid related, but it
      was Ronnie coleman.

    1. Leh Dank Ones I get that it’s a joke but since a lot of people dont know,
      steroids and growth hormones are usually consumed in very low doses at like
      0.001 miligram. Still does wonders tho 🙂

    2. Coolio Guy
      That’s something I didn’t know, thanks for the fact famo. I didn’t really
      think of a specific measurement I just thought of ounces and thought “Sure
      that’ll work”

  2. I think it’s funny cause when they get that big they can barely move and
    also annoying cause they don’t re rack the fucking weights

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