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Top Bizarre Things Inside the Human Body

Top Bizarre Things Inside The Human Body

Top Bizarre Things Inside the Human Body Doctors, medical professionals and nurses often find strange things inside human bodies. Whether it was inserted intentionally (oi oi) or the item in question was accidently lodge inside, having a foreign object within your body can be a rather dangerous situation. It can cause chemical imbalances and infections, this means doctors and surgeons have a race against time to get the object out as soon as possible.

Top Bizarre Things Inside the Human Body ”Baby Squid”


A 70 year old lady in South Korea had to go to hospital after experiencing a sharp pain in her mouth. When doctors examined the inside of her mouth they found little squid-like creatures buried in her cheek and tongue. They later found out that they were cephalopods that had been released by a squid she had eaten earlier in the day.



Hairballs are fairly common in animals – as they eat off the floor, dust, fluff and hair can also be swallowed at the same time. It’s a lot rarer for us humans to suffer like this 18-year old women in Chicago who visited her local hospital complaining of stomach cramps. Scans showed a huge mass in her stomach which turned out to be a 10-pound hairball. It turned out that the women had a bad habit of chewing on her own hair .Top Bizarre Things Inside the Human Body



It’s par for the course and I’m sure this has happened in A&E departments across the nation. In one case, a man presented himself with pain his rectum. Upon examination, it became clear that he had placed a rather big dildo inside before trying to retrieve them with salad tongs!

Prison Supplies


Inmates will often attempt to smuggle drugs and paraphernalia into prisons as they can trade the goods with other prisoners or take substances that would otherwise not be allowed behind prison bars. One chap in Florida was found hiding – cigarettes, pills, flint ( yes flint!!) condoms, matches and even lip balm – up his bottom.

Medical Instruments


You would like to think that surgeons are meticulous when it comes to operating. Unfortunately, it’s not unheard of for surgeons to leave instruments in patients following surgery. In one case, an old gentlemen had a pair of 10-inch tweezers sewn into his abdomen. Needless to say, he was soon back under the knife.

Live Frogs

A chap from southeast China preached the virtues of eating live animals and had been swallowing small frogs and rats for more than 40 years. However, one follower of this strange diet admitted himself into hospital complaining of stomach ache. Doctors later found frogs and spawn in his stomach, they had been inside his guts for over 2 weeks!

Rusty Knife


Li Fuyan spent 4 years unknowingly carrying around a 4-inch blade in his head. During a robbery, he attempted to stop the criminal and was stabbed through his throat. Afterwards, Li believed the robber had taken the knife with him and only complained of a sore throat! When he eventually went to hospital, doctors found the blade in his head, it had missed a major artery by 1mm!

Plastic Fork


John Simons had been suffering from a persistent cough and breathing problems for months before he ended up going to hospital. Doctors suspected lung cancer and had numerous chest x-rays carried out. The scan did show what looked like a growth which was surgically removed, it turned out that it was a piece of plastic fork that had been swallowed from KFC.

Buzz Lightyear


Parents have to be constantly vigilant to ensure their little one doesn’t put something in their mouth that they shouldn’t. Youngsters will swallow literally anything – including a Buzz Lightyear that had to be surgically removed from a 4 year olds stomach.



Margaret Daalman had to go to hospital to have surgery to remove forks, spoons and knifes from her stomach and digestive tract. The Dutch lady was suffering from pica – a rare neurological disorder that makes you want to eat items with no nutritional value.

Coke Bottle


During a burglary, an 80-year old man claimed her had been sexually abused by the robbers. A few days later he went to hospital claiming of intense pain in his abdomen and severe constipation. Doctors scanned the old boy and found he had a full sized coke bottle inside his colon – it was intact and required specialist equipment to remove.

Live Grenade


Private Channing Moss was on patrol fighting in Afghanistan when he was ambushed. The Taliban fighters fired several rocket-propelled grenades at the troops, one of which lodged inside Moss’ abdomen. While this wound, in most cases, would have been fatal for him and anyone around him, the grenade didn’t actually explode. He was later taken to an army hospital where bomb disposal experts and surgeons managed to remove the grenade without pulling out the pin!

Donny Osmond Poster


This strange find went viral in the UK when it aired on the BBC program – Bizarre ER. In it, the women went to hospital as she was suffering from pain in her pelvic area. Fearing she may have an infection or a foreign object lodged inside her, doctors examined the women, only to find she had a large folded poster of Donny Osmond inserted inside her – the reason why was never explored.



In the heat of an argument we can all say and do stupid things. In China, in a bid to get her boyfriend to listen to her, a young lady ate a collection of 20 small stones. After spending two weeks doubled up in pain, she went to hospital where surgeons had to remove every single stone from her digestive system.

Sex Toy


A wee’ lass in Scotland went to hospital complaining of a burning pain in her genitals. After closer inspection, doctors found that the women had a sex toy lodged deep inside her vagina. Shockingly, the toy had been there for over a decade after the women admitted the last time she used one was with her husband after a boozy night out 10 years prior



Nail guns are pretty lethal and should only be used by professionals. However, even in the most experienced hands, they can prove to be rather problematic. One young laborer found out the hard way when he accidentally discharged the gun and fired a nail straight into his head. Without any obvious wound, everyone just assumed the nail had missed, but 48 hours later the builder was rushed to hospital suffering from severe headaches. It turned out that the nail had lodged in his brain!


With the help of 50 Shades, couples across the nation are trying to spice up the bedroom. One couple in particular took things to the next level when a 20-year old male allowed his boyfriend to pour concrete into his rectum through a funnel. The concrete set and hardened, causing excruciating pain. It later had to be surgically removed, he also had internal burns from the mixture.


When Rosemary West rocked up at hospital she was taken straight to the emergency room for immediate surgery. This was because the symptoms she presented with indicated she had a brain tumour. While carrying out emergency surgery, the surgeon discovered that the issues were not being caused by a growth but a massive tapeworm that had made the journey all the way to brain after being ingested months earlier.

A Fetus

When Sanjur Bhagat from India was rushed to hospital complaining of breathing difficulties, doctors thought the most likely explanation was a large tumour growing in his stomach. But oh boy were they wrong! It turned out that the growth was in fact a fully formed fetus that Bhagat had absorbed while he was in the womb.Top Bizarre Things Inside the Human Body

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