Hungry Girl Recipes

Hungry Girl Lisa Lillian tells us concerning her brand-new cookbook, “Clean & Hungry” and also reveals us ways to make some simple and healthy and balanced recipes!

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    1. Low carb is best if you’re trying to maintain a good wait. Stick to whole
      grain, whole wheat carbs. I was fat at one point in my life. Cutting carbs
      and sugar and junk in general is the key. Have ice cream once a month
      instead of everyday. French Fries are a treat. You get the point…

  1. I’m so glad she cooks for her dog those canned food etc brands are made
    from discarded meat and roadkill!!! and people wonder why dogs get
    illnesses and die.

    1. Exactly and studies have proven dogs need the nutrients in vegetables
      and fruit just as much as we do, they need raw fresh meat as well. There is
      nothing wrong with feeding them our food as long as it’s healthy. Wendy
      is so ignoranr, and btw she is not a veagn, they don’t wear leather and
      don’t eat honey either, she should say she is plant-based.

  2. Ohhh… she is the one Patti checked and gave “sister-girl attitude” to on
    Tyra’s show… ahahahhaa. LOL. That Patti clip was TOO funny!

    1. It was Patti with the attitude. Lots of cupcakes have edible paper. Patti
      is a stupid diva. Pretty much every video footage of her she does something

    2. When Wendy said, “I heard a rumor about you…” I thought that was what she
      was referencing plus any other thing she may have heard, good or bad. LOL.

  3. People can never finish the cooking segments because Wendy is off being
    extra and making faces and slurping on her fingers. YOU BUY YOURSELF NEW

    1. +RaisingElijah Like…I don’t mean to be rude but that dosen’t change
      anything really. Why don’t you do some reaserch instead.

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