Whitney Houston’s Emmy Award Auction Halted!

Whitney Houston’s Emmy Award Auction Halted!

Whitney Houston’s family members is supposedly aiming to sell her one and only Emmy Honor and Chris Brown is being charged of threatening a female manager. Enjoyment reporter Marianne Garvey offers us the within scoop.

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    1. How did she get an Emmy for “Saving All My Love For You”? Emmy’s are for
      television roles etc. Grammy’s are for recording artists etc.

    2. I GUESS one MORE reminder of THE MASSIVE TALENT WHITNEY WAS. What EVER $ it
      brings ,how DOES it COMPARE to THE MILLIONS of WHITNEY’S $$$$$,THEY’VE GOT

  1. Legally, you cannot sell Academy Awards, Emmys, Grammys, and many other
    awards for achievement in arts (not sure if that applies to sciences too).
    The reason is to protect the value of it by making this history piece
    priceless and no black market for it. There was a case of a family of a
    deceased Oscar winner, selling it at an auction and receiving $7k
    (ballbark) only for the Academy to buy it back at no more than $10. If
    these awards are out there for the public to buy up, it places a # value on
    it. The rules are, you can keep it in the family or return it to the
    academy for display. It’s considered a relic, like a museum artifact.
    So if you see an Emmy or Oscar on eBay up for sale, don’t buy it. The
    academies will track you down and not compensate you for the price you
    paid. You will get a measly $1-$10 and the seller will be taken to court
    and fine. Also, there is no certificate of authenticity, so you cannot be
    sure it’s the real deal. Kind of like if you find an Egyptian artifact, you
    HAVE TO turn it into the museum. I know, crazy.

    1. +Maki xx
      Some of these get sold at auctions or pawn shops because the rules are not
      widely known or respected, but when these Academies find out, they go after
      them to get it back. And the person who put it up for auction or sold it to
      a pawn shop get fined for it.
      What I don’t get is, on car keys or keys to a safe, it says don’t
      duplicate, apparently these awards don’t include Do not sell, return to the
      academy or something. Ah well.

    2. you are a damn lie. bc if u dsnt pay ur taxes, the IRS will hunt u down and
      EVERYTHING u own now has a price. that includes Grammies, and all
      awards;they will taken. ask Toni braxton and countless other celebs who
      filed bank rupt.

  2. When are people going to wake up to the fact that Chris Brown is nothing
    more than a violent thug? It doesn’t matter how well he can sing and
    dance….people are not safe around him! On the other hand, he never
    reported this to the police and is only now suing him. So, I don’t know
    know if these claims are true but, I do know that Chris Brown has some
    serious issues with controlling his anger.

  3. I never took a journalism class so let me ask is interrupting people a part
    of how you get the answers you’re seeking? Is that what they teach in
    school? I never understood why she invites these people on her show just to
    cut them off the moment they begin speaking.

    1. To fit all the stories in. There is someone talking to her, giving signs
      how many more minutes/seconds she has during the entire show, plus the
      ‘legal lady’ whispering in her ear (in an ear piece), correcting her not to
      say things she could get sued for… it’s all more complex than it seems.
      🙂 Marianne is on beat though, talks fast so it all works out. xxx

  4. You must be desperate to sell your Emmy. That or you just don’t connect
    with the value of why it was awarded to you. that’s loco. Who is this
    makeup artist?

  5. Wendy don’t bring Mary Ann Garvey on anymore! What happened to innocent
    until proven guilty—- unless your black right… rolls eyes she’s a

  6. Chris Brown’s no foo’ now. My little brother is up to something. I know one
    thing, he can’t handle his name not being in the media, good bad or
    indifferent. I need to see how this plays out. They’re selling Auntie
    Nippy’s *Emmy* because of money. Now, I don’t know how estates and all that
    stuff works, but I do know that them checks come quarterly. Obviously
    nobody’s checkin’ on Pat, Gary and the rest of them so they do what they
    have to do. My spirit tells me that Whitney told them to do whatever they
    had to do if anything ever happens. That’s usually how the matriarch leaves
    it. And that’s the type of person she was. Always putting others ahead.

  7. I don’t care if celebrities get plastic surgery or breast reduction or
    whatever. But once you’ve gone under the knife it’s kind of hypocritical to
    preach ’embrace your body’.

  8. As much as I love Breezy and his music, it’s getting harder to root for him
    with his abusive antics. He needs some mental check up. What a jerk!

  9. Why tf is Wendy shading the Houston estate for selling an Emmy? She didn’t
    mind giving a guest spot to the greedy Jewess Melissa Rivers for auctioning
    her Mother’s estate.

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